Fixing the iPhone charge flashing between on and off on a Mac

Running this in terminal worked for me: (it will ask for your user’s password)

sudo killall -STOP -c usbd

This pauses the troublesome process instead of killing it altogether like other answers suggest. The difference is that macOS won’t try to reopen it automatically and cause the issue again.


Running sudo killall -CONT usbd will resume the process, should anything require it.


Tested on: iPhone 7 (iOS 11) + MacBook Pro Late 2013 (10.13.6)


Besides software issues, there’s a good chance that the cable is at least partially damaged so it might work for dumb power chargers but not with a MacBook that also relies on the USB data pins.

Chesley Sullenberger on keeping a journal

Chesley Sullenberger:

This is something I’ve done for a while. When we’re traveling as a family, I write down the most surprising things that we saw, the funniest thing that someone said. It’s fun, especially now that our daughters are a little older, to go back and look at trips we took eight or 10 years ago. It’s kind of a gift that you get to keep enjoying as the years go by. Because you forget! Your more recent experiences sort of override all the things that you did before, and you often forget those things as you move on in life.

This inspired me to start journaling on my Field Notes notebook once again. It is a wonderful feeling to write things as they happen to you.

The guts of Venkatesh Maha

Venkatesh Maha, before starting C/O Kancharapalem:

After working for 5 years in the Telugu Film Industry I realised that most of the Film Makers are not here to tell stories. They make films without stories and tell stories to promote their films. Some of the film makers shamelessly say that there are “NO STORIES”and some say that our Producers and Big Ass Stars asked us to write these kind of stories. Except some film makers rest of the film makers are here for the Celebrity Status and Millions of Money. I feel ashamed to place my name in that list of film makers. So “I HAVE DECIDED“.

CSS jitter

Helpful piece by Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks*:

Here are some hover styles that could trigger “CSS Jitter” [or flicker]


Changing Margin or Padding


I had set margin in a CSS class for a hover style. I removed it, and voila. Elements on the page are rock solid.

Thanks to Sai Krishna Nulavai for the wisdom.