How to remove a Google account from your browser

If you’re heavily invested in Google’s ecosystem of products, you need to sign-in to use their products like Google Docs, Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Calendar.

Sometimes, you might need to sign in to multiple Google accounts to access their products for particular purposes. Like accessing your work email while you’re already signed-in to access your personal email account.

Google has made adding multiple Google accounts very easy for users.

Personally, I don’t like to see a lot of Google accounts signed-in on my browser. Because this makes me irrationally anxious, and I worry that unnecessary stuff gets synced: unwanted items from unexpected Google accounts.

To solve this, I use multiple Google Chrome profiles. For example, I use different Chrome user profiles for work and personal use because Safari doesn’t support multiple user profiles.

If you have the habit of routinely signing-in to multiple Google accounts in a browser (particularly in a single user profile), removing Google accounts is not straight forward.

Here are the steps to remove a Google account from your browser. This has been tested on Google Chrome and Safari on the web. A similar approach works on mobile browsers too.

Basically, there are two ways you can do this.

Method 1

1. Go to Near the top-right corner, i.e., the account chooser, click your profile (account chooser) from the list. Sign out of your primary email:

2. This will usually sign you out of all your signed-in accounts.

You’ll see something like this:

Click on “Sign in”.

3. You’ll be taken to this screen. Click on “Remove an account”:

4. Click on the  icon:

5. In this confirmation step, click “Yes, remove”:

6. The selected Google account will be removed:

Method 2:

1. This works only if you’re signed-in to at least one Google account after signing out of all accounts:

2. Click on the signed-out account and select “REMOVE”:

The selected Google account will be removed.