When is Spotify going to launch in India

Spotify doesn’t have a date yet.

UPDATE — 26 JULY 2018

From a recent Spotify earnings call (Q2 2018), the CEO of Spotify says:

Obviously it’s the big markets like Russia, India that probably will contribute the most. I don’t have any further comment on any specific launch dates on those things.

They have already set up an office in Mumbai last year and appointed the former OLX CEO Amarjit Singh Batra as Spotify India’s head. But the launch had hit music label resistance. Considering the current challenges, Spotify may be launching in October or November this year.

UPDATE — 1 November 2018

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek (Q3 2018):

India specifically is a very fragmented marketplace, with lots of different local labels, lots of different local publishers. Whenever we deal with licensing situations, it’s very hard for us to predict accurate timelines on the basis of multiple partnerships — just the sheer scale of number of partnerships makes it very hard to predict that, but there’s nothing that we see that prevents us from launching in India.


Shirley Halperin and Jem Aswad reporting for Variety:

[…]Variety has learned that a launch in India is expected as soon as the next six months and will offer an extended free trial period — longer than the 30 days of full-access[…].


Lucas Shaw, reporting for Bloomberg:

Spotify Technology SA is preparing to introduce its service as soon as the first quarter of 2019, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the information isn’t yet public. Variety previously reported on the agreements, saying Spotify will launch in India within six months.

The first quarter of 2019 — sometime before March.


Jem Aswad and Anurag Tagat reporting for Variety:

Spotify, which has been gearing up to launch in India for several years, could do so as soon as January 31, sources tell Variety.

While industry insiders say the streaming giant has not yet locked down deals for the country with the three major-label groups — Sony, Universal and Warner — it is possible that Spotify could launch in India without them: Those companies are not as big in India as they are in many other countries, and Monday morning’s announcement that Spotify has inked a content deal with T-Series, the country’s leading music and film company, ensures that it will be rolling out with plenty of popular content.

Inching closer.


Aroon Deep on Twitter:

Spotify has accidentally confirmed an India launch date of 31st January on its Terms & Conditions page for India.



Jem Aswad and Anurag Tagat reporting for Variety:

As January 31st wound down in India, there was still no sign of the blowout party that Spotify had planned to celebrate its long-anticipated launch in the country, which multiple sources told Variety was scheduled to take place today. That launch was postponed within the past few days, according to a source close to the situation, with a new date slated for either February or March.

A rep for the company declined requests for comment.

10 years is just too long for a company to enter India.


Shirley Halperin for Variety:

In a statement to Variety, a Warner Music spokesperson says: “After months of negotiations, Spotify abruptly changed course and has falsely asserted a statutory license for our songwriters’ music publishing rights in India. We had no choice but to ask an Indian court for an injunction to prevent this. It’s our goal to hammer out a deal that works for everyone. We hope this is just a speed bump in the expansion of our long and successful global partnership.”

Also, Lucas Shaw reporting for Bloomberg:

Warner Music Group asked an Indian court to block Spotify Technology SA, the world’s largest paid-music-streaming service, from offering songs by its roster of songwriters, including Katy Perry and Led Zeppelin, in the country.


The filing was made with the Bombay High Court, according to a document seen by Bloomberg. Warner said in a statement Monday it asked an Indian court for an injunction. Spotify didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment and Bloomberg wasn’t immediately able to verify the lawsuit with the court.

This just goes on and on. Like forever.


Spotify has finally launched in India.